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Navigating challenges and capitalising on opportunities requires a holistic approach.

Enter Caron Pollard, an accomplished speaker and trainer, who delves deep into the world of customer-centric growth, strategic visibility, challenging the status quo, and integrating purpose with profit.

From dispelling myths around customer service to harnessing the power of advocacy, Caron brings a fresh perspective that intertwines the worlds of finance, business strategy, health, and generational learnings. Whether it’s learning about harnessing personal experiences for strategic visibility or understanding the significance of female empowerment, she merges hard-hitting business acumen with personal stories that captivate, inspire, and drive transformation.

caron’s keynotes include:

Customer-Centric Growth

  • Customer Confessions – Dispelling the myth of “Karen” the complainer and turning the stigma of customer service into strategic business #goals
  • What are we feeding the algorithm? Omnichannel Customer Experience for today whilst developing strategies for the future
  • Retention Growth Strategies – How to become a customer centric organisation and scaling through retention
  • Blowing their socks off through Intentional Interactions – The Power of Advocacy from your client base
  • How to turn FFS! Feedback and leverage it for “Phwoar!” Learnings and Opportunities

Strategic Visibility for Growth

  • Visibility is not just for extroverts. How to be strategic on your terms without feeling vulnerable.
  • How to stop chucking spaghetti at the wall and being visible for visibility sake.
  • How do you show up? Your Personal Brand vs your business brand
  • What’s the worst that can happen? Embracing the Fear – Handling professional ghosting, trolling, fear of success and failure and everything in between
  • Be More Magnet! Intentional strategies for visibility for internal and external audiences and Intentional Experimentation for Data driven insights
  • Without getting all “Swifty” It’s me I’m the problem it’s me…Is your body blocking your business success?
  • The power of Burlesque in Business


  • Challenging the Status Quo and Changing the Narrative
  • Normalising ambition, wanting more and Saying NO to Settling and putting up with mediocrity.
  • Disrupting the norm – and creating your purple ocean
  • You deserve to be seen and heard. Challenging Second Class citizen status.
  • Creating a smorgasboard when you’re not on the menu. Become the sought after alternative.
  • Rise of the Domestic Revolution – Female Empowerment from the boardroom to the bedroom
  • No more put up and shut up. Advocating for yourself in business, as consumers and at home. Establishing your rights in relationships

Marrying Purpose and Profit

  • The recipe for Growth, impact and alignment
  • Making milkshakes that will bring the boys to the yard when life is a shit show. True Scalable impact on exponential proportion borne out of adversity
  • Is your altruism getting in the way of your growth and impact?
  • Creative Solutions for pioneers and leveraging the ecosystem of your network

How Becoming the CEO of your Health is intrinsic your business strategy

  • The added layers of managing life and business with Longterm Health Conditions
  • Building a scalable and sustainable business that supports you when you physically cannot show up every day
  • Caring for someone with a life threatening medical conditions – Advocating for yourself and your loved ones. The life and death facts about Food allergies whilst personally managing Lipoedema, Lymphedema and Endometriosis
  • Empowerment and independence

Generation X Meets Generation Alpha

  • Embracing the Digital Revolution in business and parenting – get ready for embracing omnichannel multi-devices, IOT, AI and what else is to follow
  • Growing up as the last apartheid generation in South Africa and the first of the Rainbow Nation generation
  • Lessons we’ve learnt to empower our children and prevent generational hangovers
  • The outdoor generation raising the indoor generation
  • What lessons can we learn from Generation Alpha?

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