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A dedicated family man and father of three, Scott is using his unique insight, talent and passion to help as many people as possible.

Scott is direct, authentic and endlessly passionate about helping people transform their body and mind. A Fitness and Nutrition Expert, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Black Belt Karate Instructor, Chef, Author, Founder of The Six Pack Revolution and SPR Juniors, Scott has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.


Is your body blocking your business?

with Scott Harrison

In this inaugural episode of The Challenger CEO® we delve into the impact of mind, body and business success with Scott Harrison, Founder of The Six Pack Revolution.

This is a movement to teach people how to properly nourish their bodies for optimum health and wellness. Scott is a successful Health and Fitness CEO and entrepreneur and has also written several books including children’s books. 

His programme has a 100% success rate in people who have completed it, and positive results in chronic illness either being cured or brought back to a more manageable level. Live in over 65 countries, celebrities and everyday people alike have reaped the benefits of the programme, which are physical, mental and emotional.

Scott and his team are constantly expanding their knowledge to help more people achieve optimum health through proper nutrition. Here are some of the show highlights below:

  • The pandemic hangover which has caused many people to struggle with their mental and physical health, leading to obesity, stress, and trauma.
  • How business owners are feeling the pressure to be more visible as the world reopens and being more visible.
  • Spirituality and the law of attraction.
  • The Six Pack Revolution business model to make it a successful scalable enterprise.

Learn more about Scott Harrison and The Six Pack Revolution here.

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Now it’s time to find out:

Is your body blocking your business?

You are at the centre of your business and your body is an integral part of that… but is it blocking your business success?

Answer 15 easy questions and I’ll tell you if and by how much your body is blocking your business; plus the steps you need to take to put the Va Va Voom back into your business!

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