The Growth Sphere

A C&C Collaborations Event

Ignite & Elevate Your Success in 2024: Indulge in Connections, Collaboration, and Clarity

Get ready to bring a spark into January and ignite your 2024, filled with growth and connection as we host the inaugural Growth Sphere event. Come and indulge in an afternoon of Connections, Collaborations and Clarity at our first intimate in person networking experience. With a difference.

It’s all about growth – your growth in every sense of the word.  Treat yourself well whilst strategically and intentionally focussing on what is going to move the dial in your professional aspirations. 

We’re spending the afternoon together in a gorgeous environment in Chelsea, fuelled by delectable sit down 3 course meal, thought provoking and meaningful conversations and connections with like-minded, ambitious women who share your goals and aspirations.

It’s an opportunity to showcase yourself whilst networking with an extraordinary group of talented women, opening doors for collaboration and growth.  You will gain access to a carefully curated network of brilliant women through our exclusive “Little Black Book for strategic matchmaking”.

Immerse yourself in thought-provoking sessions too led by experts Clare and Caron, and the opportunity to brainstorm small groups – we’re going big, bold and creative with your goals for 2024.

We’re bringing our Empowered Minds Growth Session live and in person, PLUS an opportunity to get 1:1 hot seat laser focused strategy support and guidance, that will move the needle for you in 2024.

Who is this for:

  • Smart-Minded and Gutsy Women: Take the leap and intentionally elevate your personal and professional growth.
  • Women Who Understand the Power of Real Life Connections and want to elevate their network: Invest in your own growth and the invaluable network surrounding you.
  • Ambitious and Collaborative Women: Crave genuine connections and recognise the immense value of collaboration.
  • Women who Enjoy Intimate Conversations: Engage in meaningful discussions within smaller, welcoming spaces that foster deep connections.
  • Those Ready for a Big 2024: Plan ahead, be proactive, and invest in your future self by joining forces with like-minded women committed to achieving greatness.

What can you expect:

  • Lovely Venue off the Kings Road: Immerse yourself in an elegant and comfortable setting, perfect for building meaningful connections and engaging conversations.
  • Delicious 3-Course Meal: Delight your senses as you indulge in a delectable meal, creating unforgettable moments while networking.
  • Space and Time to Connect: Relish in a relaxed and unhurried environment, allowing you to build genuine relationships that will propel your success.
  • Opportunities to Showcase Your Business: Be seen and heard by showcasing your business to our targeted audience, increasing your visibility and potential for growth.
  • 1:1 Hot Seat Session: Secure one of the limited exclusive sessions with our team, receiving personalised attention and guidance on your specific challenges. Reserve your spot early to secure this invaluable opportunity – we’ve literally for time for 2 hotseats only!
  • Surprise Bonuses

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Want a regular dose of inspiration?


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