time to go from start up to scale up

You’re an ambitious, successful business owner. 

And now it’s time to level up.

But you don’t know how to “get there” without working 24-7.

Money is infinite.

But your time isn’t.

If you’re ready to SCALE without sacrifice, you’re in the right place.

you need momentum to get

to that next level.

Strategic planning services to businesses in need of expert guidance and support.

Strategy and growth consulting services tailored specifically to your unique challenges.

Your exclusive opportunity to take a deep-dive into your business with me for 60 minutes.

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Prospects: Understand the flow of people into your funnel from unaware to repeat purchasers so you can spot the leaks and drop off points and address them

Offers: Assess your products and services so you can see where you are leaving money on the table

Profit: Identify the most profitable areas in your business so can leverage them for scalable growth

Welcome to The Challenger CEO Podcast® with your host, Caron Pollard.

This podcast is for big heart, big impact leaders who want to change the world, challenge the status quo, and change the narrative.

This is for the change creators, solution makers and problem solvers, looking for ways to change the way things have always been done.

Want a regular dose of inspiration?

Want a regular dose of inspiration?


Weekly dispatches from The Challenger CEO®

hi, i’m caron. i’m so happy you’re here!

I’m on a mission to help you marry the mindset and business strategies to create impactful growth and alignment in your personal and professional lives.

I have a wealth of experience working with business owners to scale and grow, and I consult on strategy and implementation for corporations and industry leaders as a Fractional Chief Strategy Officer or Mini CEO (as some of my clients call me).

If you could use some support in scaling UP, I’d love to see how we could work together!

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How to find your direction, make it to your ultimate business destination, and leave the analysis paralysis and data doldrums in the dust!

People are Talking

During our meeting, over coffee and a huge croissant, we had a breakthrough moment. A friendly chat with Caron, provided us with the clarity and confidence to identify our next steps effectively. Looking forward to tweaks and changes to make what we do even more impactful.

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